Who we are

InterFast is pioneer in bringing the Gigabit era to Latinamerica

We're the first operator to deliver up to 10,000 Mbps Symmetric, GigaFAST® and the first to successfully implement XGPON in Central America, Panama.

With the right infrastructure, 100% Fiber, and the right team 25+ years combined experience we created a network with outstanding performance even during power outages.

We believe we are the future of telecommunications and we are eager to show the world.


10,000Mbps = 10Gbps

Symmetric Dual Bands

Fiber Optics

100% FTTX

Underground lines



10Gbps Passive Optical Network

Our services continue up and running even during electrical black-outs!

What we do

InterFast is a telecommunications provider with a fixed underground lines network 100% FTTX, and X-GPON technology. Our main product is the internet, and we're capable of providing symmetric speeds of up to 10,000Mbps = 10Gbps. Through this robust network, we can unify communications and deliver multiple services to our customers, being residential or commercial, such as: Broadband Internet, Phone & PBX, Television Streaming, Cloud Services, Infrastructure, Consulting.


The timing is perfect, a $1B market demanding better service and higher bandwidth, which Interfast can efficiently provide.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico needs improved telecom infrastructure and services. Interfast has the experience, and technology to make it happen.


Gigabit service in the United States is in high demand but limited offer. Interfast 10G can successfully tackle into this segment.

Fiber-optic technology has matured over the past two decades and is expected to provide the backbone for global telecommunications for most of this century, if not beyond.

What´s next

Interfast's vision is to build upon its success in Panama and expand to other territories. We've got the know-how, will-power and the right team to go wherever the market takes us!

Our technology allows to scale up without major investments so we can easily expand in a cost effective way. Even though Wireless operators point to the benefits of 5G, they still need fiber backbone for their deployment.

Fiber is the centerpiece of wireless advancement

How We Work

Code of Ethics

The code of ethics shape the way we do business, and define our business practices.


The principles that are our centerpieces and help us shape our business.


Our roadmap to handle relationships with customers, investors, and vendors.


We welcome regulation that that allows for more diversity and competition.