Great things can be accomplished when the Leadership is a driving force that inspires the team to be great.


Madeleim Moskovitz

CEO in charge of the operations and the day to day of the company.

Darko Moskovitz

CTO, focused on scientific and technological issues within InterFast.

Our Team

CORE Network

Highly qualified engineers, with 15+ years of experience. Responsible for development and 24/7 network monitoring.

Passive Network

Fiber optic specialists with 20+ years of experience in new technologies and passive network development.

Tech Support

Devoted to meet the needs of our customers and advise them for the maximization of their internal network.

Sales Team

Motivated and committed team that believes, lives and dreams Interfast and transmits that confidence to the customers.

Marketing Team

With 10+ years experience in implementing digital marketing strategies for multinationals; now bringing all that energy and knowledge to Interfast.