Having your own infrastructure is key to providing an excellent, reliable service, and to potentiate growth.

End-to-end Solutions for Telecom Operators.

Infrastructure Deployment

  • Micro-trenching technology
  • Significant reduction in infrastructure costs
  • GPR scan allows precision
  • Minimizes street impact & traffic disruptions

Data Center Services

  • Tier III state of the art facilities
  • Cloud servers & applications, 24/7 support
  • Collocation, shared & managed hosting

Fiber Optic Structured Wiring

  • Fiber wiring of buildings and ground premises
  • Last mile and building interconnection
  • Specialized protocol allows clean & fast job

Infrastructure Services

We have designed our protocols and standards for infrastructure deployment, that allowed us to build a strong, high performance network. With top-notch technology like micro-trenching & GPR, we maximize resources and complete the job rapidly.

Our Projects team has the expertise to make fiber deployment efficient and uncomplicated for telecoms. We offer end-to-end solutions to other operators who are in need of infrastructure, network, maintenance, signal transport, and more.


InterFast offers a wide range of solutions to Carriers & Corporations such as: cloud servers, managed & shared hosting, software, Virtual Datacenter, Colocation, BaaS, ITaaS, EaaS, SSL & monitoring of applications.

The digital era and AI revolution demand reliable and trustworthy servers to support these applications and programs. Interfast Data Center offers this and more, with a superb internet capacity; as well as dark fiber, signal transport.

How We Work


25+ years experience in fiber deployment for European and latin American operators.


Advanced technology allows precision & quick installation; reducing cost and maximizing revenue.


Successful fiber deployment and infrastructure building from planning to execution.


Able to provide a wide range of customized solutions to customers and operators.