Sucessful XGPON & Fiber Deployment

Achieving excellent service and performance

Acomplishing our goals

Looking forward to the future

Corporate Milestones

Company Registration. Telecommunications Licenses are approved to provide internet/transport/phone services.

2015 | Telecom Licences Approval.

Network design, Datacenter adaptation, Fiber optic deployment, passive network and equipment.

2016 | Network Design.

Fiber deployment. Beta trials, enable first users

2017 1st Quarter | Beta Trials - First Users

Begin small-scale sales, after sucessful trials. Network deployment continues.

2017 2nd & 3rd Quarters | Sucessful Beta Trials- Activate paying-customers

Increase in sales & subscriptions. Customers demand for Interfast increases

2017 4th Quarter | Increase in Sales & Subscriptions.

Steady increase in Sales. Obtained Permits & equipment for continued fiber expansion.

2018 1st & 2nd Quarter | Increasing Sales - Permits & Equipment Coverage.

Implementation Billing, provisioning & self care software. Implementation phone services software. Successful fiber deployment with newly acquired equipment begins.

2018 3rd Quater | Software Implementation.

Gained access to the underground state cabling plan, built with an investment of 100M in infrastructure, which would allow to expand coverage considerably. Closed the year with a whooping 315% in sales, and 230% increase in subscriptions. Interfast future is bright!

2018 4th Quarter | Significant Sales Increase.

CRM sucessful implementation. "Kelly" our AI virtual customer care agent can handle thousands of customer queries efficiently. Continued sales.

2019 1st Quarter | Automation & Continued Growth.

Projected Launch of telephony and OTT services. Focus on growth and increase sales.

2019 3rd Quarter | Projected launch new services.