...fiber-optics assets are now the indispensable backbone of today's hybrid communication network of fixed-line and mobile infrastructure and data centers


  • Up to 10,000 Mbps = 10 Gbps
  • Symmetric Dual Band
  • Transfers more data in less time


  • Fiber creates close circuit, no hacks/taps
  • 24/7 Monitoring system issues alerts
  • Passive network not dependent on electricity


  • Delivers 100% of the speed to customer
  • Service continues up during power outages
  • Excellent uptime even with multiple devices

Our Technology

We chose XGPON technology because we can deliver 100% of the speed of up to 10Gbps = 10,000Mbps. Unlike others, XGPON allows scalability without major investments. Simply changing a Modem and PON Card we can quickly scale to 100,000Mbps = 100Gbps as the market requires.

With XGPON we can monitor remotely all system components from OLT to fiber-to Modem, permitting a quick response in case of incidences. It also allows us to activate, upgrade & deactivate remotely for effective management.

Our Network Performance

We designed our network with a unique combination of XPON+Fiber resulting in outstanding performance, operating costs reduction and excellent customer experience. We transmit voice data & video in different channels maximizing each one's quality.

Our network is passive and not affected by power fluctuations or outages; which means our customers continue to receive a reliable, uninterrupted service even during blackouts. This gives us a competitive advantage over other operators

...optical fiber has virtually unlimited capacity, low signal attenuation allowing long distances without amplifier or repeater, no exposure to parasite signals or crosstalk, and no electromagnetic interference (EMI).


We chose Fiber, cause Fiber Rules

InterFast as a new operator was able to invest in the right infrastructure at the right time. Fiber Optic capabilities surpasses by great length all other cable options, and is the most efficient transmission method of telecommunications signals, especially those with higher bandwidth. Because the fiber optic is made of fiber glass, is not affected by other signals and not susceptible to electricity variations, thus, allowing a better transmission and service quality throughout. The light or "signal" is transmitted uninterrupted at higher speeds, permitting secure, fast delivery and rapid interchange of data packages. In addition, fiber optic is considered the safest type of physical lines as it is sensible to manipulations.

InterFast delivers an individual fiber to each premise, and guarantees the best customer experience. Because of this multiple customers and multiple devices can be connected at the same time without service drops unlike copper and coaxial lines networks. Industry experts agree that Fiber is the future of telecommunications, the backbone of communications. At InterFast we are proud to be innovators ready now for the future.

What sets us apart


We deliver up to 10 Gbps symmetric speeds and scalable to 100 Gbps when required.


XGPON technology not susceptible to power interference or electrical outages.


Because is passive, saves on power consumption in our system and customer premises.


Our a closed system provides data protection and integrity.
Monitoring 24/7.